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What is a Food Desert? 

- 23 million low income people in the United States live in areas without access to affordable healthy food options.

-Poor diet increases a person’s risk for all kinds of health issues, including diabetesheart diseasestroke, and high blood pressure.

-Childhood nutrition deficiencies lead to cognitive difficulties, weaker immune systems, and stunted growth.



Urbanhealthconnect is dedicated providing the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle to all communities regardless of socioeconomic background. We are currently focused on drawing attention to urban food deserts that lack the foods necessary for a good and healthy diet.  Food insecurity has been increasing dramatically over the past few months, and UrbanHealthConnect aims to combat this problem by any means available.

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About the FOunDEr

Hello, my name is Jay Noh, founder of Urbanhealthconnect. I’m seventeen years old, and I am currently a senior attending Tenafly High School. Ever since I was young I always had a heart to serve others. I have gone on missions trips to Brooklyn, Boston, and Merida, Mexico. I have also joined trips in which I would give out food to those in need. The reason I started this non-profit organization is because I noticed that the problem of food deserts is rarely seen as a very big issue, when in reality it should be. I wish for this non-profit to be able to show that food deserts are a big problem even though it may not seem like it at a surface level, and I also wish to help those in these food deserts.


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